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NEW FUEL INJECTOR 1987 1988 1989 1990 COMANCHE 4.0L

Posted: December 1, 2012 at 10:27 pm No Comment
We help you find the best offers for parts for your Jeep Comanche. Take a look at this NEW FUEL INJECTOR 1987 1988 1989 1990 COMANCHE 4.0L we found for sale on ebay. Our website is full of deals like these and we're always adding more goods several times a day so be sure to follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and bookmark our site, ComancheMJ.com. Scroll down to read all the details about this great product for your Jeep Comanche.

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THIS IS A JEEP 4.0L NEW SIEMENS DEKA FUEL INJECTOR WITH 12 MONTH WARRANTY Any deterioration can lead to reduced fuel economy, weak acceleration, excessive exhaust emissions, hard starting, Rough idle and poor gas mileage. Any irregularity in the flow of the injectors can Effect the entire engines management system. Please use part numbers and picture to verify application…… OEM #53003956 GB#812-11115 STANDART#FJ26 THIS INJECTOR ALSO FITS THE FOLLOWIN FAMILY VEHICLES: 10741N JEEP CHEROKEE 6 242ci 4.0L F/I Vin L,M (Base, Chief, Laredo, Limited, Pioneer, Sport) 1990-1987 COMANCHE 6 242ci 4.0L F/I Vin L,N (Base, Chief, Eliminator, Laredo, Pioneer) 1990-1987 WAGONEER 6 242ci 4.0L F/I Vin L,M (Base, Limited) 1990-1987